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Our Story

about-us-main-image.jpgItz all good food – Preserving life not food has been a personal quest since, our daughter, was diagnosed with numerous food allergies five years ago. I recall receiving her test results in the doctor’s office revealing she could no longer eat the majority of her staple diet as well as having intolerance to food additives and a difficulty metabolising oxalates (a natural chemical found in many fruits and vegetables). With such food restrictions, I left the doctor’s office in tears and distressed, wondering what she would eat and where I would get it from.

Food is such a social part of our society especially at age 5. It’s all about the different colours, enhanced flavours and the celebrations with these foods, which usually translates to sugar, colours and additives. Over the next few years, I researched and sourced foods and ingredients locally and overseas that she could eat and I could use to make a wide variety of tasty meals and desserts. Our daughter is now flourishing both physically and emotionally. She is able to enjoy birthday parties and other food festivities with healthy natural food choices.

With changes in diet and better nutritional options, I have been able to help myself and other family members to the path of better health. Due to a genetic disposition to hyperlipidaemia and insufficient nutritional supplementation, I had developed severe acute pancreatitis, spent three weeks in critical care and luckily survived the odds. The cardiologist informed me that my only recourse for on-going survival was to be placed on permanent lipid-controlling medication. This went against everything I had already learnt and believed in, but with the imminent threat of a repeat episode of pancreatitis, I begrudgingly submitted to the medication. Determined to get off this highly addictive and controversial medication, I again began to research natural supplements and followed the same diet principles as our daughter to help heal myself. I convinced the specialist to trial me without the medication under his strict observation. To the cardiologist’s amazement, my lipids were better than normal range and I had a “miraculous recovery”. “I don’t know what you are doing but whatever you are doing, keep doing it because your recovery is miraculous”, he said.

It is important to note, that I am not a qualified practitioner, but I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves with the right food choices and access to good natural foods.

Through this journey, I learnt that many people quietly suffer from food allergies or disease and that we can all benefit from a 100% natural and nutritional diet. It’s time to share the knowledge, heal ourselves and remember the basic truths that “we are what we eat” and “prevention is better than cure”. Today, you can shop at Itz all good food and rest assured knowing that all food and products are 100% natural and free of sugar, dairy, wheat, yeast, corn, artificial additives and preservatives; include a variety of foods that are organic and raw; and fit into diets for Celiac Disease, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Vegans and more. We will continue to search for new products that honour this commitment.

Wishing you good health,

The team at Itz all good food